May 3 2023 Minutes

Tabor Town Minutes
May 3 2023

Chairperson Laverne Schiefer called Tabor Board of Trustees to order May 3, 2023, Wednesday, at Community Center with Ken Carda, Susan Shrader, Ev Kloucek, FO, Rich Sutera, main., Mark Povondra. Absent: Linda Bares, Brian Neumayer, Kent Lehr, lawyer.
Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Motion Shrader, second Carda to approve agenda as posted. Motion carried. Motion Carda, second Shrader to approve financial report as presented. Motion carried. Motion Carda, second Shrader to approve last month’s/ special meeting minutes as published. Motion carried. Motion Shrader, second Carda to pay bills as presented. Motion carried.

  • General-$54121.56;
  • Water- $247654.46;
  • Sewer- $559419.03;
  • Savings-$16338.14.
  • GENERAL: EFTPS, 941, $1384.86;
  • EVELYN KLOUCEK, FO salary, $1272.93;
  • BOARD, April, $554.11;
  • LAVERNE SCHIEFFER, April amb., $64.64;
  • KEN CARDA, April amb., $166.23;
  • JEN CARDA, April amb., $129.29;
  • KATHLEEN SCHIEFFER, April amb., $129.29;
  • STEPHANIE HORST, April amb. $64.64;
  • AARON MELICHAR, April amb., $55.41;
  • SDRS, retirement, $571.04;
  • TYNDALL TRIBUNE, publish, $244.04;
  • FT. RANDALL, utility, $120.12;
  • BON HOMME ELECTRIC, utility, $1384.92;
  • KENT LEHR, lawyer, $390.;
  • RICH SUTERA, May main., $3563.44;
  • TABOR CO-OP, st. etc., $547.31;
  • PECHOUS REPAIR, dump truck, $177.19;
  • ACE, st. etc., $30.65;
  • MENARDS, st. etc., $271.06;
  • NAPA, st. etc, $3.38;
  • BIERSBACH, st. etc., $32.;
  • CITY OF YANKTON, city clean up fee, $15.33;
  • JIM KAROLVITZ, st. clean up, $180.;
  • JOE VAVRUSKA, st. utility, $100.;
  • ONE OFFICE, office supply, $5.50;
  • BOLLER PRINTING, vouchers, $225.;
  • AVERA HOME MEDICAL, amb., $13.;
  • A-OX, amb, $22.84;
  • KOCH INS, youth ins, $315.;
  • HARTINGTON TREE, Cimpl Park trees, $7000.;
  • DAKTRONCIS, scoreboard fee, $465.;
  • TABOR DEVELOPMENT, donation benches/trash cans, $1000.;
  • TOTAL- $19962.84.
  • WATER: BY WATER, 1034000 gallons, $3205.40;
  • 1st NATIONAL, SRF, $10219.13;
  • PUBLIC HEALTH, lab fee, $15.;
  • CORE MAIN, repair, $68.73;
  • CLERKBOOKS, utility billing fee, $155.03;
  • 3 EEE, repair pump house, $3175.66-
  • TOTAL- $17407.55;
  • SEWER: SPN, April SRF fee, $15821.08;
  • Total- $22321.08.

DELEGATION: Mark Povondra requested permission to use Sherri Povondra Center key, for Chamber/ Czech Days meeting, granted. Tabor Development committee received bill for 4new benches/4 trash cans. As Chamber donated $600 and asked Town for donation. Motion Shrader, second Carda to donate $1000. . Motion carried. Encouraging residents to attend School Board meeting to be held May 8 @ 6:30 p.m. at Tabor school for concerns of recent developments to school.

BUSINESS: No lawyer present. Slowey app 3 signed, as Resolution for Clean Water SRF, Resolution 2023-54, and SRF Resolution 2023-55, for surcharge of $5.60 increase. Resolution 2023-53, Motion Carda, second Shrader to sign and publish. Code Enforcer was in Town reviewing follow-up on past Ordinance violation as visited with lawyer on next steps. 228 N Lidice cleanup, picnic shelter, no update. Motion Carda, second Shrader to sign BH Sheriff contract with increase of $500 ($7000) for yearly fee and $25 hourly for special events fee. Motion carried. Motion Shrader, second Carda to sign Tabor Water reports as published 4/12. Motion carried. Award certificate was given to Sutera(main), as Town also received award. Maintenance stated city wide cleanup went well. 60 dog violation Ordiance were sent to residents to comply with dog leash, licenses, etc. Motion Carda, second Shrader for Resolution for Cimpl Park concession stand as grant app. Was due April 28 and submitted April 17. Motion carried. Motion Shrader, second Carda to adjourn 2023. Motion carried.

NEW BUSINESS: Ken Carda signed 3-year term Trustee. FO opened 2023-24 asking for nominations for Chairperson. Motion Carda, second Shrader to keep all officers the same. Motion carried. Motion Shrader second Carda to cease nominations. Motion carried. Motion Shrader, second Carda for Cortrust, main depositor/ Schieffer- Missouri Recycling/G Hovorka to rent Nutrition Center. Motion carried. Motion Carda, second Shrader for Library Board to remain the same. Motion carried. Chairperson contacted Powers-Pot-Pots for Czech Days rental. Motion Shrader, second Carda for Special Event MBL License for Bluebirds baseball season (may-August) and American Legion Czech Days June 16-17. Motion carried. Lidice street will be closed for Firemen Car Show May 6. SDDOT Jack Dokken will do phone conference, May 12 @ 9 a.m. with Chairperson/ BH County M Hauck/ Southern Railroad. Motion Shrader. Second Carda to approve Daktronics scoreboard fee of $465.. Motion carried.

MAINTENACNE: Stated fire hydrant class in Volin/ Core & Main very informative. 25 trees were planted at Cimpl Park with 12-13 varieties. Haden Powers putting up new street signs. Questioned what to do with old signs as residents asking to purchase, as may contact J Carda (FB) on info. Mosquito Sprayer was delivered to Mitchell for inspection/ passed. Roof of Nutrition was patched due to rain. Discussion held on signs at Cimpl Park in need of repair. Restrooms at Takota/ Cimpl Park opened. Will be gone May 19-23.

FINANCIAL: Building permit to Laverne Schieffer/concrete driveway, The Keg/ privacy fence. Water Application: Carmen Pacheco/ W Chicago. 15 late water notices sent with 5/ 2nd notices sent due 5/8 or D/C. Motion Shrader, second Carda to apply for Mosquito Grant for the amount of $2300. Motion carried. Requested permission to attend budget class June 28, granted.
Trustee was contacted on children driving golf carts/ 4 wheelers in town. Law stated to be 14 with adult and valid drivers permit. Trustee to contact family. Ordiance posted for Residents to mow/ spray nuisance vegetation.

Motion Carda, second Shrader to adjourn at 8:16 p.m. Motion carried. Next Town Board Meeting June 5 @ 6:30 p.m.
Evelyn Kloucek, Finance Office Laverne Schieffer, Chairperson

Becky please publish following &mowing ordinance 2x

NOTICE is hereby given that the Board of Trustees of the Town of Tabor has scheduled a public hearing for the 5th day of June. 2023 @ 6:30 p.m. at Community Center, for the request of Special Event malt beverage license for Bluebirds (baseball season June- August 2023) season, American Legion, June 16-17, 2023 Czech Days.
Any person interested in the approval or rejection of such application may appear and be heard at the said time and place.

Evelyn Kloucek, Finance Office
Publish May 24

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