Agenda June 5th

Town of Tabor Council Meeting Agenda – June 5, 2023

Call to Order: Chairperson Laverne Schieffer; Ken Carda; Linda Bares; Susan Shrader; Brian Neumayer; Ev Kloucek FO

Pledge of Allegiance

Approval of Agenda:

  • Motion: _
  • Second: __

Approval of Financial Report:

  • Motion: __
  • Second: __

Approval of Last Month’s Minutes/Special Meeting/As Published:

  • Motion: _
  • Second: __
  • Approval to Pay Bills as Presented:
  • Motion: __
  • Second: __

Delegation: Kasik/Mullaney (W Szymanski)

A. Lawyer-Court (appeal); Zoning Ordinance
B. Wastewater/update (informational meeting every 2 weeks, Wednesday, 10 am) #
C. Code Enforcer/sent update 2 abatement due June 9
D. 228 N Lidice cleanup property
E. Picnic Shelter
F. Special Event License published Bluebirds/American Legion
G. Czech Days update
H. SDDOT J Dokken May 12 update
I. Special Event License Published 5/24 Bluebirds/American Legion

  • Motion:_
  • Second:_

New Business:
A. Czech Days 4 H clean streets amount ($500.) 2022
B. Softball Dues refund? No girls – A Keppen
C. Public Notice SDDENR permit/Biosolid – Pesticide Permit
D. Renew District III ($867.) – 2024

  • Motion:__
  • Second:__

A. Trees Cimpl/Takota Park/Hartington Tree service

a. Building permit: R Ulmer – concrete pad
b. Water Application:
c. Ordinance Violation: T Souhrada mow
d. Late water notice late sent May 21; – (18) 2nd notice sent (9) due
e. Mosquito Grant app filed ($2,300.)
f. Budget Class Sioux Fall $30 fee – June 21

  • Motion:__
  • Second:__

Public Comments/Miscellaneous Business: A time for the members of the public to discuss or express concerns to the Council on any issues not on the agenda. Action will not be taken at the meeting, as it is not posted, except by placement on the agenda by unanimous vote of the Council Members present.

Motion to enter into executive session SDCL 1-25 1-2):

  • Second:_
  • Time in:_
  • Time out:_
  • Action taken:_


  • Motion:_
  • Second:_
  • Time:_

Next Board Meeting: July 5, Wednesday, 2023 @ 6:30 p.m.

Evelyn Kloucek, Finance Office
Laverne Schieffer, Chairperson