June Minutes

Meeting Minutes – June 5, 2023

Chairperson Laverne Schieffer called the Tabor Board of Trustees meeting to order on June 5, 2023, at 6:30 p.m. at the Tabor Community Center. Present at the meeting were Ken Carda, Susan Shrader, Brian Neumayer, Linda Bares, Ev Kloucek (Finance Officer), Jerry Stibral, Mark Povondra, Gary Kronazil, Kent Lehr (lawyer), and Rich Sutera (arrived at 8:30).

The meeting began with the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance.

Agenda Approval:

  • Bares motioned, and Carda seconded the approval of the posted agenda. Motion carried.

Financial Report Approval:

  • Shrader motioned, and Neumayer seconded the approval of the financial report as presented. Motion carried.

Minutes Approval:

  • Carda motioned, and Bares seconded the approval of last month’s minutes as published. Motion carried.

Bill Payment Approval:

  • Carda motioned, and Bares seconded the approval of bill payments as presented. Motion carried.

Financial Summary:

  • General: $562,568.13
  • Water: $238,964.24
  • Sewer: $426,183.65
  • Savings: $16,338.14

General Expenses:

  • Several general expenses were reported, including payments related to sewer, donations, check blanks, and more, totaling $14,007.06.

Water Expenses:

  • Water-related expenses, including gallons used, utility fees, and other charges, amounted to $11,024.74.

Sewer Expenses:

  • Sewer-related expenses, including fees and publishing costs, totaled $40,420.75.


  • Kasik Mullaney was not present. Jerry Stibral mentioned receiving a notice from the Town regarding a Code Enforcer request for property cleanup, with a date set for June 19.
  • Mark Povondra commented on school closings and questioned the placement of four bus stops. He also raised concerns about the piles of rock and concrete from the sewer project and how it might affect the parade route during Czech Days. Gary Kronazil presented a bill for tilling the N Lidice empty lots.


  • The lawyer requested an executive session.
  • Regarding the wastewater project, SPN recommended that the Board approve Slowey payment #4, with the contingency of receiving a hard copy of approval of the increase from Slowey. Carda motioned, and Bares seconded the motion to sign upon receiving the hard copy from Slowey/SPN. Motion carried.
  • The Code Enforcer visited the Town on May 9 and posted an abatement notice for two properties to be brought into code compliance by June 9. Kokes has started clearing 228 N Lidice. The publication of the Special Event License for American Legion (Czech Days Bluebirds ball season) was published on May 24 with no objections.
  • Trustee Carda inquired about selling N Lidice property and sought information from the lawyer. The lawyer explained the procedure for selling Government property, which requires three appraisers and following specific procedures. A discussion was held regarding the safety of the community due to the rock and concrete piled around town.

New Business:

  • Carda motioned, and Shrader seconded a $500 donation to the 4-H Pioneer club to help clean up the park and streets for Czech Days. The possibility of checking with girls’ softball dues was raised since there was no girls’ team.
  • The Town received a notice from SDDENR regarding a public permit for the discharge of Biosolid/Pesticide permits.
  • Carda motioned, and Bares seconded the renewal of District III dues for 2024 in the amount of $867. Motion carried. Chairperson received information on a BY Water study to increase the contracted gallons of water into the town. Carda motioned, and Neumayer seconded to have the study completed. Motion carried.


  • A building permit was issued to Robert Ulmer for a concrete pad. One mowing violation ordinance was sent. Fifteen late notices were sent, with five due on June 6. Carda motioned, and Bares seconded funds to attend a Budget Class in Sioux Falls on June 21. Motion carried. Kronazil and Povondra exited.

Executive Session:

  • Schieffer motioned to enter into executive session at 7:38 p.m., with Carda seconding. The Chairperson declared the executive session out at 8:08 p.m., with no action taken.


  • Maintenance had a water break on 228 N Lidice. They were also painting the Cimpl Park Grandstand and watering trees twice a week. Trustee noted that LED lights at Takota Park needed repair, and mosquito spraying was planned before Czech Days.


  • Shrader motioned, and Bares seconded to adjourn at 8:30. Motion carried.

Next Town Board meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, July 5, 2023, at 6:30 p.m.

Evelyn Kloucek, Finance Office
Laverne Schieffer, Chairperson