August Minutes

On August 7, 2023, Chairperson Laverne Schieffer convened the Tabor Board of Trustees meeting at the Tabor Community Center at 6:30 p.m. The following individuals were in attendance: Ken Carda, Susan Shrader, Brian Neumayer, Linda Bares, Ev Kloucek (Finance Officer), Rich Sutera (Secretary), Jerry Stibral, Kris Kocer, Dennis Povondra, and Marty Koch (Insurance). Kent Lehr, the lawyer, was absent. The meeting began with the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance.

Agenda Approval:

  • A motion made by Carda and seconded by Shrader to approve the posted agenda was carried.

Financial Report Approval:

  • Bares motioned and Carda seconded the approval of the financial report as presented, which was carried.

Minutes Approval:

  • Shrader motioned, and Neumayer seconded the approval of the previous minutes and Special meeting minutes as published, which was carried.

Bill Payment Approval:

  • Carda motioned, and Bares seconded the approval of the bills as presented, which was carried.

General Expenses:

  • Various general expenses were reported, including salaries, utilities, and other payments, totaling $225,252.69.

Water Expenses:

  • Water-related expenses, including gallons used and fees, amounted to $16,488.45.

Sewer Expenses:

  • Sewer-related expenses, including payments and fees, totaled $673,931.63.

Financial Summary:

  • The financial summary showed the following balances: General – $777,412.96, Water – $247,021.32, and Sewer – $693,253.74.


  • Marty Koch from EMVC insurance presented the Board with reasons for increasing the deductible from $2500 to $10,000 per occurrence on buildings and other items due to national disasters. The discussion ensued.
  • Koch requested reporting and documenting the firetruck windshield.
  • Kris Kocer inquired about grading the dump entry and the possibility of posting the Firework Ordinance.
  • Dennis Povondra requested placing Alumni pictures from school in the Nutrition Center.
  • Jerry Stibral questioned the Board on who they represent and inquired about bond insurance. Further discussion on these matters was deferred.


  • Without a lawyer present, a motion was made by Carda and seconded by Bares to sign the CDBG wastewater application, which was carried.
  • Another motion by Carda and seconded by Shrader to sign payment #6, contingent upon Slowey sending the sign payment form, was carried.
  • Code Enforcer Sutera was working on demolishing four buildings on East Chicago Street.
  • The Brandt surveyor was contacted for surveying purposes.
  • Sutera was also working on Lead-copper inventory.
  • Appraisal of N Lidice lots was received but tabled for discussion with the lawyer.
  • Vicky Carda was appointed to the Library Board for a 3-year term.
  • Koch insurance stated that temporary drivers must be added to the insurance policy.

New Business:

  • The Finance Officer was addressing an audit preliminary, with a CPI growth rate of 3.%. There was a discussion regarding property tax.
  • Trustee Carda discussed sewer water connections for building a garage on West Dakota Street. The request was granted.
  • The City of Tyndall informed the Board about ambulance calls, and charges for Tabor EMT not attending were discussed.


  • Maintenance work included trimming trees in the right of way and attending a Wastewater Class.
  • The purchase of a golf cart for various tasks was discussed and approved.
  • Notices were delivered to residents regarding the wastewater project.
  • Permission was granted to contact Rural Water for water valve exercises.
  • LED lights at Takota Park were replaced under warranty.
  • The request to purchase shirts with the Town of Tabor logo was granted.
  • Mowing and weed-related services for properties were discussed, with increased fees and assessment to taxes approved, effective immediately.


  • Building permits and water applications were issued.
  • Violation notices were sent to residents for mowing and garbage.
  • A change in water payment due time was approved.


  • A motion to adjourn was made by Carda and seconded by Bares and was carried. The meeting ended at 8:50 p.m.

The next Town Board meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, September 6th, at 6 p.m.

Evelyn Kloucek, Finance Office Laverne Schieffer, Chairperson