Agenda June 5th

Town of Tabor Council Meeting Agenda – June 5, 2023 Call to Order: Chairperson Laverne Schieffer; Ken Carda; Linda Bares; Susan Shrader; Brian Neumayer; Ev Kloucek FO Pledge of Allegiance Approval of Agenda: Approval of Financial Report: Approval of Last Month’s Minutes/Special Meeting/As Published: Delegation: Kasik/Mullaney (W Szymanski) Business:A. Lawyer-Court (appeal); Zoning OrdinanceB. Wastewater/update (informational … Read more

May Minutes

Chairperson Laverne Schiefer called Tabor Board of Trustees to order May 3, 2023, Wednesday, at Community Center with Ken Carda, Susan Shrader, Ev Kloucek, FO, Rich Sutera, main., Mark Povondra. Absent: Linda Bares, Brian Neumayer, Kent Lehr, lawyer.Pledge of Allegiance was recited. Motion Shrader, second Carda to approve agenda as posted. Motion carried. Motion Carda, … Read more